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This is where the curious and enthusiasts meet the professional practitioners.

For the curious and enthusiasts, this site is your resource for services, classes and ebooks, or easy reading.

For professionals, this site is your blog, directory, and platform to share your expertise.

The goal of this site is to build a community where people can exchange knowledge and services with the aim of improving our collective well-being.

The Feng Shui Nexus Story

This site started out as my personal blog. Because my background centers around science and data analytics, I had no interest in Feng Shui, Astrology, or psyche until I witnessed its efficacy (I also had my fair share of encountering scams).

Though I had interest, I never delved deep into them until my parents got sick. After that, I started learning Feng Shui and Astrology. A few years later and after gaining some experience, I started this blog as my part-time gig. (My profession is digital marketing and demand generation in the B2B Tech Industry.)

Traffic grew. At one point, the site had more than 100,000 visitors per month. As the increased traffic brought more service requests, the quality of my service was noticeably decreasing. I had to ignore or turn customers away because I didn’t want to do this full-time. I love my day-time profession too much.

That is why I decided to open up the site to other professionals (and even my competitors). Not only can the audience of this site receive the proper attention, the site will also have a more diverse perspective on Feng Shui, Astrology, and other practices.

Commitment to Diverse Voices and Practices

I used to think that my practice will bring the best results. However, I’ve engaged enough people to learn that other practices also bring positive results (though in a different form).

This is a big reason why I decided to open this site to other professional practitioners. I want to give this website’s readers all the information available from all different kinds of practices, including those that I don’t agree with. You, as the reader, can decide which you like and which to follow, learn, and practice.

Protecting the Community from Scams and Malpractices

Needless to say, there are many scams and malpractices in this field because it is an unregulated industry. I’ve heard of a Feng Shui master causing fire in a factory because of an altar’s misplacement, an Astrology expert selling the same astrology reading reports to all his clients, and a Feng Master scamming 1 million dollars from a client.

This website is ABSOLUTELY AGAINST scams and malpractices. If you or anyone you know have been scammed or suffered from malpractice, please let me know. That way, I can exclude him/her from this website to protect other members of this community. I will also keep a record of these complaints and may publish them on this site.


I welcome you to this website.



Victor Cheung

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