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How Expert Practitioners can Instantly Connect with Feng Shui Nexus's Audience to Gain More Recognition and Popularity
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3 Reasons Why You Can Expand Your Audience Here

As of 2020, there are 4,000+ email subscribers5,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest combined, and 55,000+ monthly website visitors, with consistent audience engagements from various channels. More than 85% of the website traffic are organic visitors from search engines.

This traffic and audience took 5 years to build, which you can directly engage them now. Why am I doing this? It’s because it became clear that I strongly prefer sticking to my profession and core strengths – digital marketing and demand generation. I have projects lined up where my core strengths can make a huge impact, and I’m very eager to get to them. However, I don’t want to abandon my audience and visitors of this site.

That’s where you come in. I’m offering you the chance to connect with this site’s visitors and fulfill their service requests. You can reap the benefits without much work on your part.

I’ve connected my Google Analytics account with Similarweb.com. So if you’re in doubt, you can check my traffic stats there.

If you’re a professional practitioner in Feng Shui, astrology, divination and related fields, then this site is filled with your audience.

Unlike other publications, 98.8% of this site’s visitors are enthusiastic, interested, or curious about what you have to say or offer (measured based on 1,979 blog comments as of 2020).

This site’s audience comes from all sorts of background, including CEO’s, ambitious young professionals, newly-weds, retired individuals and concerned parents. What they’re looking for, whether for themselves or for their loved ones, share these commonalities:

  • Improve luck and well-being
  • Forward guidance in life
  • Create positive thoughts and energy

Areas of focus are mostly career, relationships or health. If your practice can help them, then this site can help you expand your audience and business.

Why is this important? Think of it this way: if you read a report from a “scientist”, yet the only place his report is published is on his website (with no links or references to it), would you suspect both the scientist and the report’s credibility?

If you publish here, not only do you develop social proof for your brand, you also get targeted traffic to your website. But most importantly, you establish yourself as an authority figure and build your name recognition. Both of which helps you generate more business.

This is also best way to instantly connect with all the subscribers and followers of Feng Shui Nexus. Plus, your publication, like many other articles on this site, will rank on search engines that’ll consistently generate traffic, awareness and recognition for you every day.

Sean Chan
Asia’s Leading Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner in Singapore

I got 2 new clients and a few more inquiries when my article was published on your site. Most my customers will mention my writing. It is what makes me stand out from the rest and is why I even bother to write articles. If I just list services, I’ll just be like any other practitioner out there – no connection with the prospect.

Eric Yang
Bazi Astrology Practitioner

I am a small-time practitioner. I don’t have a website, and my customers are mainly referral. When new customers approach me, the first thing they say typically goes like: “so and so told me about you, and hey, I checked out your profile on Feng Shui Nexus…” Getting listed on this directory helped me gain more credibility because I noticed new customers who are unsure typically try to Google me before they make the final decision.

Three Ways for You to

Instantly Gain More Recognition and Popularity


Directory Listing & Publishing

Showcase your brand, knowledge, and thought leadership.

Promote your brand with a unique profile page and publish 2-4 articles to showcase your knowledge, thoughts or opinions. Articles are promoted to all of Feng Shui Nexus’ audience and will rank in search engines.

Start now to rank higher in listing pages. The earlier you join, the higher you rank among your competitors in the Directory Listing Plan you choose.


Class and Content Promotion

Promote your classes and ebooks to eager students.

List your classes under the “Learn” section or list your ebook on every relevant webpage on this site. Both content comes with the option to promote them using banner ads, floating bars, and pop-up throughout this site.

Start now because spaces are extremely limited. The earlier you join, the higher you rank on the relevant webpage. Ad spaces are also based on availability.


Email Marketing & Distribution


Instantly reach an audience to promote your unique offerings

This service sends one (or a sequence of) email blast to Feng Shui Nexus subscribers to promote your service or offering (relevant service/offers only).

Only a limited number of emails are sent per year. Start now to get the desired date for your email campaign.

Mark Twain

The spider looks for a merchant who doesn’t advertise so he can spin a web across his door and lead a life of undisturbed peace!

Winston Churchill

Advertising nourishes the consuming power of men. It creates wants for a better standard of living. It sets up before a man the goal of a better home, better clothing, better food for himself and his family. It spurs individual exertion and greater production.

William Randolph Hearst

Advertising is your means of public approach. If you make a product good enough, even though you live in the depths of the forest, the public will make a path to your door, says the philosopher. But if you want the public in sufficient numbers, you would better construct a highway. Advertising is that highway.