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“I got 2 new clients and a few more inquiries when my article was published on your site.

We all know the benefits of a directory listing – enhance online presence, create brand awareness, boost SEO, increase your website traffic and more. But almost all directories are just that – a directory.

But not here. Feng Shui Nexus is more than just a directory.

Getting a directory listing on Feng Shui Nexus allows you to publish on the Feng Shui Nexus blog. This is how you can instantly connect with the site’s 5,000+ email subscribers and 5,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest combined.

That was how a professional Feng Shui, Bazi and Divination practitioner from Singapore, Sean Chan, got 2 customers and a number of inquiries just days after publishing his guest blog on Feng Shui Nexus back in 2018. (Results will vary depending on quality of the article, the market area you serve and your competition.)

Another guest blogger, who published here back in 2017, is now enjoying about 1-2 inquires per month. That’s because his article is now ranked top 5 on Google search results and getting 300-400 pageviews per month.

Because of this site’s domain authority and my continuous SEO work, articles you publish will have a very good chance to rank high on Google. This will further build your brand authority and recognition – more so than just a simple directory listing.

That also means existing, new and future visitors and followers of this site will stumble on your article. Your brand awareness will only accumulate from there. The more you publish, the more you accumulate.

Diverse voices are welcomed. You can totally disagree with me or other’s that publish here (that’s how you differentiate yourself). I just require that you follow these guidelines.

Sean Chan
Asia’s Leading Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner in Singapore

I got 2 new clients and a few more inquiries when my article was published on your site. Most my customers will mention my writing. It is what makes me stand out from the rest and is why I even bother to write articles. If I just list services, I’ll just be like any other practitioner out there – no connection with the prospect.

Eric Yang
Bazi Astrology Practitioner

I am a small-time practitioner. I don’t have a website, and my customers are mainly referral. When new customers approach me, the first thing they say typically goes like: “so and so told me about you, and hey, I checked out your profile on Feng Shui Nexus…” Getting listed on this directory helped me gain more credibility because I noticed new customers who are unsure typically try to Google me before they make the final decision.

Additional Visibility from
Your Profile and Listing Pages

Don’t forget, your directory profile page is also working for you. It is fully customizable so you can showcase your business and differentiate yourself. It also has a contact form where visitors can inquire about your service, in which case yaou’ll get immediately notified via email (unless you are on the Free Plan).

What’s more exciting is how your profile will be found. 

If someone searches for you on Google, your directory profile will show up. If someone searches for your practice in your city or region on Google, the relevant directory page with your listing will show up.

The latter is why it’s important that you should get started now. When we decide to work together, we can work together on your email draft, images, and your target audience. Your email will be scheduled once we agree on what to send, depending on schedule availability.

Why You Should Get Listed Today

The earlier you join, the more you can stand out. The date and time you join impacts how your listing will rank on directory pages:

  • Profiles under the Pro Plan ranks highest, with Plus Plan as 2nd, Basic Plan as 3rd and Free Plan ranking the lowest.
  • If profiles are under the same plan, those who got listed first will rank higher on directory pages

Directory pages include search results page and listing pages filtered by practice (Feng Shui, Astrology, etc.), by region (city, state, country) or both.

Also, you should get listed today because your audience is waiting to discover you. The longer you wait, the more time you’re giving your competitors to get to your prospects and customers first.

Please note that I reserve the right to refuse service to practitioners who receives lots of negative feedback.

For most of you, all you need is ONE customer to generate a profit from your investment. If you’re a legit practitioner who’s looking to build name recognition and popularity, then this platform is for you. I’d love to have you onboard!

Plans & pricing

All plans below are billed annually in US Dollars.

The earlier you get listed, the higher you rank. Get listed now to secure your spot!

Basic Plan

For Starters
$ 8
Per Month
  • Ad-free full listing profile
  • Ranks above Free Profiles
  • 10% discount on content promotion
  • 10% discount email marketing
  • Cannot publish articles

Plus Plan

For Those Seeking to Build an Online Presence
$ 17
Per Month
  • Ad-free full listing profile
  • Ranks above Basic Plan
  • 15% discount on content promotion
  • 15% discount on email marketing
  • Publish 2 articles per year

Pro Plan

For Those Seeking the Most Exposure
$ 21
Per Month
  • Ad-free full listing profile
  • Ranks above all plans
  • 25% discount on content promotion
  • 25% discount on email marketing
  • Publish 4 articles per year

Commonly Asked Questions

No. All plans are billed annually with no setup fees and no hidden gimmicks. Once you get started with a plan, you will have an account to edit your listing details. There are also no additional costs for publishing articles.

Your purchase is refundable in the first 14 days after purchase for ANY reason. After the first 14 days of purchase, refunds will NOT be considered. Please refer to the Refund Policy under Terms and Conditions.

There are both paid and free plans for directory listing. The free plan, however, has ads on your profile page. Plus, your profile will be ranked last on listing pages. If you’re looking to grow your recognition and authority, the Plus or Pro Plan is highly recommended.

More questions? Contact us now.