Do Underground Sewer Pipes Bring Bad Feng Shui?

Dear Kartar: My current house (East facing) has a sewer pipe running at the backyard (cannot be removed) and another sewer pipe running along the right side (when looking out of the house) of the house. The latter (side sewer pipe) is about 3m from the side boundary wall. My architect has proposed sealing off…

Steps Needed for an Accurate Feng Shui Assessment

Dear Feng Shui Expert: Hi there! My new house is facing Northeast. I have 3 bedrooms – first one is in the Northwest, second is in Northeast, third one in the Southeast. My husband’s Kua is 8, and I am Kua 9. Would you know which bedroom we should sleep in? My two kids are…

Feng Shui Remedy for Kitchen at Center of House

Dear Uncle Dixer: What remedy or Feng Shui cure can I use in the kitchen which is located in the center of the house and North? Also, is the garage facing Southwest bad? If so, what Feng Shui cure can I use? Thanks.                   

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