Dear Uncle Dixer: I have been feeling like everything is going wrong in my life. I’m seeking a job and there is no success or light. Please help me.             

Answer: In Feng Shui, the wall behind your bed is likened to the Black Turtle that would give you protection and support as you rest. If I were you, I would put up a poster on this wall with the wise words of the Medieval Sufi Poets written on it, which simply says: “This too shall pass.” It is a proverb that reflects the temporary nature, or the ephemerality, of the human condition.

Like the Sufi poets, the Chinese believed everything goes in cycles. The further you are down, the quicker you will get up again. You might not have reached bottom yet, but given time, you will bounce back up again. Nothing ever goes one way and does not return to complete the cycle of changes.

It is easier said than done, but believe me, I have gone through what you are experiencing now. I hung in there, and sure enough, I am back on my feet again. Being down in the dumps is not such a bad thing. It teaches you strength and courage to stay afloat, and you will come out of this bad luck cycle a better person.

Taking the time to organize your home will also benefit you both mentally and spiritually. After all, it’s much easier to prepare yourself for this new transition if your house is organized and free of clutter. Think of it as a way of making room for any new opportunities that will come into your life once you get your new job. Feel free to get rid of any items that have been sitting there for a while—it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need them for your new job anyway.

While you’re at it, you might want to extend this house cleaning effort to include your car as well. You’ll need to get around once you have a job, and cleaning your car and tuning it up can do nothing but help you in this regard. Keeping yourself busy with this kind of activity can help lift your spirits and move your thoughts in a more positive direction. This should keep you more focused and steer you away from any negativity that’s keeping you bogged down.

Finally, you might want to consider going out and meeting new people. There’s a certain kind of energy that’s created when you introduce yourself to others and make connections with them. It doesn’t even have to be prolonged social engagements. It can be something as casual as greeting and introducing yourself to a person at the grocery store or saying hi to the person next in line to you at the bank. 

Small things like these can help sharpen your skills as you prepare yourself for your next job. It’s important to always think ahead and create an aura of positivity as you move forward in the current cycle of your life.