Many people incorporate feng shui principles in their homes or workplaces as a way to facilitate the flow of money and attract prosperity. One of the more popular feng shui-related accessories that many people put in their homes or places of business is the water fountain. This accessory brings the element of water into the space, and some people believe that this will help them imbue water-like qualities, which can be deep and still like a lake, or dynamic and flowing like a river. Now, can the addition of a water fountain alone enable you to find success in your endeavors? Uncle Dixer, a feng shui expert offers an honest answer.

Dear Uncle Dixer: What can I do to make more money? My husband and I are both a Kua 4. I’ve placed the water fountains in the right places. What else can I do?


While the addition of a water fountain can help lighten up the atmosphere in your home, the water fountain itself will not make money for you. What you can do is you can emulate the qualities that water has and apply these in your work or business. The water in the fountain is moving, so you also need to find your own flow and direction. To earn more money, you have to be entrepreneurial and make the most out of the opportunities for business that you’ve been presented with. Be at the right place at the right time, and do the right thing. Your savings also plays an important role in creating your passive income. Save some money so you can invest it to make more money and safeguard your future. The final responsibility of managing and growing your resources rests on your shoulders, and the proper placement of the water fountain in your home or office has little to do with it. 

People sometimes fall into the trap of thinking of feng shui as a way to deal with their practical concerns, that the right placement or use of a particular tool or element will right the wrongs in their lives. The truth of the matter is that people are primarily responsible for the direction that their lives will take, and their actions and reactions to the events and activities around them play a big role in their present condition and future prospects. 

Feng shui can only do so much to help a person achieve success in their chosen field or endeavor. Knowledge of feng shui principles can help a hardworking business owner create a pleasant environment in their shop or café, and it can also aid homemakers in designing a welcoming space where their family members can feel calm and rested. In a way, applying feng shui principles can help add value to the lifestyle or state that people are actively trying to build. However, it can do little to counteract the effects of a toxic home environment or bring prosperity to a business where people expect opportunities to simply fall on their laps.

To make the most out of feng shui, it’s important to set a solid foundation for your goals first. Maximize the resources available to you to improve your chances of achieving success, and complement the practical steps you are taking with the smart application of feng shui. If you’re already working on your goals and you need someone to guide you in the process of using feng shui to improve your results, then don’t hesitate to consult with feng shui experts. Even if you live and work in other places in the world Feng Shui Nexus can connect you with practitioners of this art.