Many people feel both excited and anxious about moving into a new residence. There may be extra trepidation involved when moving into an unfinished house, because the owners have to do a little more work in order to warm up the space and make it feel like a complete home.

That’s why it’s understandable that I’ve gotten a few questions about feng shui practices related to unfinished homes. What can new residents do in order to make their transition into an unfinished home feel more auspicious, therefore setting a precedent for a bountiful and happy life there? Here’s where I’ll address a couple of key feng shui concerns from our blog readers.

On a Warm Welcome into an Unfinished Home

One reader recently asked me:

Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it okay to transfer or move in to our new house even if it is not fully finished? Thanks.

The short answer here is yes, it will be fine to move into a home that’s not fully finished. The key is to start any continuing construction or refurbishment work on a good note. My suggestion is to have a small moving-in ceremony with your friends and family. Celebrate your move into your new home in an auspicious way with a prayer and a feast of home-cooked food in the space. You may also want to make some noise during this ceremony to chase out any inauspicious spirits.

In the days leading up to the completion of the house—and your eventual move into it—keep the place clean and tidy after your home contractors leave, or that they clean up after their shift is done.

On Rituals for an Unfinished Kitchen

Here’s another interesting one that I received:

Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it okay to move in to a new house where the kitchen is not finished? Thank you.

I understand the concern about an unfinished kitchen in particular, as we’ve previously blogged about the importance of the kitchen in feng shui. Aside from the front door and the bedroom, the kitchen is one of the most noteworthy places in the home in feng shui because it’s a highly actively place, and because it’s where you interact with fire.

If the home’s kitchen isn’t finished yet, break it in by making some food with a portable cooker. The Chinese think that “fire and the smell of food” is an auspicious way to move in a house. Ensure that the unfinished kitchen will eventually become a place of love, warmth, and nourishment by cooking your first delicious meal there.


In my opinion, you shouldn’t be unnecessarily afraid of a home that’s yet to be fully constructed or refurbishment. Even if the house itself is still unfinished, you can already start seeing it as a place to cultivate your happiest memories with your family. Make the transition a joyful and auspicious one by celebrating in the area with your loved ones.

If you’re set to move into a new home soon, I wish you a prosperous new life there!