Dear Uncle Dixer: Our house is located in the Northwest area. Is it ok to hang a bagua mirror? What should I use – concave or convex?

I also want to hang a wind chime? What is good to hang – a metal, wood or glass and how many pieces of rod? Thank you!

Answer: You would only need a Bagua mirror if your house is facing some sort of undesirable “Sha Qi” (Qi that is unpleasant and stops growth) and use it to reflect the harmful potential.

The same can be said about a wind chime when using it to disperse the “Sha Qi”. You don’t need them if there is nothing wrong, or else it would do more harm than good.

Whether the mirror should be convex or concave, whether the wind chime should be in metal, wood or glass and how many pieces, they all depend on the particular situation under consideration. I cannot give you an answer without knowing what we are looking at. There is no need to worry about the Feng Shui of your house if everything is going well.