Dear Kartar: Is there a cure list or reference guide for the 81 combination of flying stars? Thanks.

Answer: You asked if there is a reference for the 81 different flying star combinations and there most certainly are.  The books which feature the flying star school usually have a rundown of the 81 combinations, where the mountain star and flying star are compared for their relationship and meanings. Books by Dr. Stephen Skinner or Eva Wong are some of the better resources.

This includes my third book, The Feng Shui Continuum: A Blueprint for Balanced Living.

What is challenging for any feng shui author to convey however is context.  Any of the 81 flying star combinations will behave or manifest differently depending on where in the house they are located.  That is why simple software programs for the flying stars are lacking.  For example, a 6-9 combination at the front door can have a different influence in a bedroom versus a front door.

Or a 6-9 combination can have a different impact on a person who is the Qian trigram (based on their birth year) versus a person who is the Li trigram (based on their birth year).

Additionally, there are annual stars which can trump what you might normally do with a permanent combination.  This is one reason why I created the Case Study on Conflicting Flying Stars. This guide gives readers more of an orderly way to prioritize the flying stars when the combinations require different elemental adjustments.