Dear Kartar: Is it bad for the bedroom and bathroom door facing directly to the back door of the house? I plan to do renovation by changing the current standard backdoor to wide sliding door overlooking the garden at the backyard. Is this considered door facing door? I heard it’s bad feng shui. Any cures or remedies? Thank you.

Answer: You asked if it is bad feng shui to have a back door aligned directly with a bedroom door or a bathroom door. And you wonder if replacing the regular door with a slider door would be a wise choice.

In most cases, people don’t have to be too concerned about the back door alignment with a bathroom if it is not the main door of the house.  There is something to be said for what a person sees first thing when they enter a house.  For example, entering your home into a bedroom could make you sleepy, whereas entering a home through a kitchen could make you hungry. We call this a Pavlovian effect, subconscious influence.

A slider door is even wider than a regular door, but capturing nice garden views is usually desirable and a good feng shui improvement.  I don’t know the particulars of your floor plan, but there is a difference between doors being aligned with just rooms being aligned.  And if the front door is aligned directly with a back door, that is generally not a good design as it can make the qi rush through the house too quickly.