A lot of homeowners give a lot of thought to the colors that they’ll use for their home. After all, the colors that you use on your walls and the overall scheme of the room can have a great effect in the atmosphere of the space.

The bedroom is a private area of the home that’s not typically shown to other people. As such, homeowners have the freedom to design the room however they want. They can pick a color scheme that includes their favorite colors, or they can also go with a more calming palette to give the space a restful vibe. Do these options sound like a good choice? What if you’re concerned about the Feng Shui of your bedroom and how your design choices can affect it? Below, Uncle Dixer answers a few questions about choosing the best color for the bedroom.

(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: What is the best Feng Shui color for our bedroom?

Answer: The best color for the bedroom would be colors that are calm, relaxing, and helpful for falling asleep. Loud colors like red and bright orange should be avoided.

It should also be a color that appeals to you and not a color that you dislike or something that a friend or a colleague tells you that you should have. A color you like helps you feel comfortable. And when you feel comfortable, you will feel relaxed, you will sleep well, and you will be able to recharge your energy for the next day.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: For best Feng Shui, what is the best color for a master bedroom?

Answer: The best color for a master bedroom would be a color that both you and your partner like, and in a light tone that feels calming and relaxing for you.

It’s clear, then, that your bedroom should be in a color scheme that calms you and helps you fall asleep more easily. This can be your favorite color, as your fondness for that color can help you feel more relaxed, or this can be a neutral hue that promotes relaxation and sleep. The choice is yours—it’s your bedroom, after all.

Are you planning to touch up your bedroom’s walls and floors, or do you intend to purchase a new furniture for the bedroom in the near future? Make sure your choices complement the Feng Shui of your home. If you’re in need of advice that’s more suited to your situation, get in touch with Feng Shui experts Our website has a directory of Feng Shui practitioners, diviners, and astrologers. If you feel that a deeper knowledge of these mystic arts will prove to be beneficial to you in the long run, why not study them with the experts? Again, you can use Feng Shui Nexus to connect with teachers and instructors who can guide you in every step of your journey.