Is the Ability to Buy a House Based on Feng Shui or Cash on Hand?

open house bidding and feng shui-min (Demo)

Dear Uncle Dixer: I don’t think buying a house is based on a person’s Feng Shui reading when a person from China always outbids you with more than a million in cash. I also don’t believe that the person with the cash payment is so lucky that he can buy several houses by outbidding everyone.

I think all this is just based on how much cash one has and not on his or her luck. I do not think that those persons who got outbid are unlucky so they cannot get the house. I think all this is just based on how much cash one has. What do you think? 

Answer: Having money to buy properties certainly helps, it could also mean that the Feng Shui of this person’s dwelling is supportive of wealth and this persons works hard and works smart so the money is there.

But this may not be the case. The source of wealth varies from person to person. Some might just be born lucky and has a lot of inherited wealth to buy the properties. We cannot generalize in any particular way.