Dear Uncle Dixer: My husband’s best direction is west. He is our main breadwinner. We are looking for a new house but we are finding it very hard to find a house that faces west. Should we absolutely buy a west-facing house that we like or can we remedy if we buy a house facing another direction?

Also, someone told us to buy only an odd-numbered house. That is making things even harder for us. What could we do? Thank you.

Answer: First, buy a house you and your husband like. Let it be practical and affordable, then try to work out the orientation and the number. You can always overcome these things.

The Feng Shui classics said it very clearly: be practically efficient first, THEN ritually correct.

The ideal and the practical have to come together. But even when we do not live by bread alone, we need bread to have a full stomach. So please get your priority right first, otherwise you will waste your money and that is bad Feng Shui.