Dear Kartar Diamond: Hello, I have been given some brass pots for plants. I am also learning about Feng Shui for my home. Are the brass pots a good idea?? Thank you.

Answer: You asked if brass pots could be used in Feng Shui.  The answer is yes, with enough information to work with.  A big part of traditional Feng Shui includes the concept and application of Five Element Theory.

The five elements or “transformations” are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  These raw and real elements can be used to change the magnetic field in a room and for specific purposes.  Metal in the right location may inhibit arguments or accidents.  Metal in the wrong location might contribute to back pain or 50 other problems I could list.

In Flying Star School feng shui, we can determined what element or elements a room needs by calculating the year of construction with the directional orientation of a structure.

If the metal element is needed, we can use copper, brass, bronze, iron, steel, aluminum, gold or silver.  Any metallic object, whether it is a brass pot, a metal weight,  gold bars, a refrigerator, or a metal lamp could also count as a metal resource, when needed.

If you place a live plant in the brass pot, then you have some of the earth element (soil) and the wood element (leafy live plant).  It is NOT considered good feng shui to bring in all the elements together, as if that created “balance.”  To the contrary, the elements would cancel each other out.  If you are studying Feng Shui on your own, I highly recommend you check out my books and blog, and even consider enrolling in my school.