Dear Kartar: I have a staircase in the center of my house, and I have a Bagua mirror on the closet door at the bottom of the staircase so the energy will scatter throughout the house. Is this not good? Thanks for your answer in advance.

Answer: Ba’gua mirrors are largely misunderstood in current feng shui pop culture.  As a talisman used historically for protection, they have many features to them, such as shape, symbolism, and whether the mirror in the center is flat, convex or concave.

Overall, ba’gua mirrors hardly ever need to be used to  solve the many ordinary feng shui flaws that concern people.  There are usually more substantial alternatives.  For example, if a long and busy street is pointing directly at a house, hanging a ba‘gua mirror to deflect all the traffic sha qi could be better addressed with a protective landscape.  You have concerns about a staircase alignment in your home, where the stair ends facing a closet door which is not a problem.  Where we see a feng shui problem with a staircase is when it is aligned directly with a heavily used exterior door.  You can disband with using the ba’ gua mirror inside your house and positioned on the closet door.