Dear Kartar Diamond: Can I put succulent plants in my small grey pots on the edge of my kitchen island’s sink that faces my stove which sits southeast in my northwest facing home?

Answer: You asked about the placement of a potted plant in your kitchen.  In order to answer that question more precisely, I would have to know the exact compass reading for your home, when it was built and a to-scale floor plan to review. (I charge for my services).  I know you were hoping for a yes/no answer, but Feng Shui is more personalized than what most people realize.

You did give some specifics, but believe it or not, more information could be considered in order to know if a live plant (wood phase) is helpful or not in that area.

The good news is that the modern-day kitchen is such a mixture of elements, that having a potted plant in the kitchen is most likely harmless and would be canceled out by other elements.  The kitchen has hundreds of pounds of metal, usually earthen counter surfaces like ceramic tile or granite and fire is used on the stove and heat from the oven.  Having a plant in this area is so minor that I could feel confident saying that it’s fine to have a plant there.

Additionally, the kitchen is currently not a very important part of the home, compared to the sleeping rooms or the home office.  So, you can fudge a little in rooms  that you don’t spend hours a day in.