Dear Uncle Dixer: The front of my house faces Southeast but my front door faces South. I read that there should be no red in the south in 2017, and my door is red… Should I change the color for 2017’s Feng Shui? I also have a hollow rod wind chime there. Is this good or not?

Answer: The reason why there should be no red in South in 2017 is because the #5 Yellow Earth for disaster is there and the red color is correlated to Fire, which will strengthen the #5 Yellow Earth and make it even worse.

Because we are dealing with the Five-Phase relationship, all you need to do is to introduce some Metal in a Water shape. This way, the Metal will weaken the Earth and the Water can put out the Fire.

You can do this by hanging up a metal door bell with a wavy and water-like steel rod. So every time the door opens and closes, the potential harmfulness of the #5 Yellow Earth Gua Qi is nullified by the sound of the metal door bell.

Hang the door bell for one year and the problem is fixed. You don’t need to paint the door another color just for one year.