Dear Uncle Dixer: I was told that my best direction to face for success is Northwest. But this direction for my home office means that I am not in the command position, and my back would face anyone who walks in the room. In fact, when I am in the command position, I am facing my worst direction.

What should I do? I have a stand behind me for my computer and a little rolling desk that faces the door that I sit behind. Thanks 🙂        

Answer: Go for your command position first.

Because if you can take care of the Form part of the room, the formless Qi of Trigrams that leads to a calculated direction always has a Phase or an Element, which can be weakened by another Phase. This way, you can remedy the situation for the formless.

Also, in Feng Shui, we say you should be practically efficient and ritually correct at the same time to bring you good fortune.