Dear Uncle Dixer: I’m hoping you can tell me the best way or ways to attract money wealth through my front door (which is north facing) in my west facing condominium. My Kau number is female 5 or 8? I’ve read a fair amount and to be honest, I’m pretty confused and don’t want to make matters worse!

From what I think I understand, so far, using the Flying Stars location and my Kua number, my money aspects are so to speak… in the toilet… literally (Southeast is my bathroom, East is my kitchen, West is living room, and Southwest is bedroom). The way I understand it, I’m small Earth and my best color is yellow, but I wear almost always pink and blue.

So far, after much reading, I’m considering putting a round wreath with lot of green roundish shaped leaves and white and yellow flowers on the front door to attract wealth through my front door. What do you think of this idea?

I do have Jade plants and spider plants, outside on the right of the door as you walk up to the door. Do you think I need to add purple flowers in the wreath or a water feature outside, or coins, or something else? What do you suggest?

Next, I want to address the health areas as I’ve been ill over the last 16 years to the point I could not work. 7 of those years I was almost completely homebound, so this is also a really important area for me to address. 

Answer: You have read too many Feng Shui books. You’re trying to attract wealth from the front door, but ended up in a mess of confusion. It is better that you clear up and clean up the front entrance to make it welcoming, so the Qi of the environment can flow in and out freely again.

Since your Kua number is 8, towards the Northeast direction, I would suggest that you put a piggy bank in the that direction in the living room and each day put some of your loose changes there. This is to remind yourself that you will have to spend less than you earn to be wealthy.

Also, since you are mainly house-bounded, why not start a home business and reduce the need to travel or to go outside to work for someone else? Your work desk can also be located in the Northeast, your personal direction, in a chosen work space at home.