Dear Uncle Dixer: In my son’s bedroom, when you open the door you will see the head of the one on the bed because the headboard is located in that position since it is his auspicious direction. If I turned it to the opposite wall, it is not suitable for him because it is the 5 Ghost direction.

So how can I solve this? Should I place a cabinet low enough to cover his headboard while he sleeps when you open the door and he can still see the person who enters the door or a round side table will do? His room is also opposite the door of the common toilet of our house. There’s a hallway in between will it be a bad Feng Shui too? Sorry I am an anxious mom. Please advise, highly appreciate your help! Thank you!  

Answer: With regards to your son’s room, you can locate the bed in the opposite direction so it works better form-wise. You can weaken the undesirable influence of the 5-Ghost with an Earth Element Jiehua “cure”, since the 5-Ghost is associated with a Fire Element. An Earth Jiehua can be a painting or his bedspread in an Earth color like yellow or brown. It can also be a square-shaped object in yellow and so forth.