How to Decorate Bedroom Using Feng Shui

Dear Uncle Dixer: How do I decorate my bedroom using Feng Shui?

AnswerBedroom in Feng Shui is considered a Yin area, which means it should be decorated in such a way as to encourage you to sleep, to rest, and to rejuvenate yourself in a calm and natural environment.

The material you use for furnishing, like the bed and the wardrobes, should be made of organic fabrics, like wood, wool, and cotton. The color you use should be in lighter tones – not too bright or too colorful, subdued and not too loud, unless you are a child.

A large area of mirror facing your bed should be avoided and avoid sharp objects and too much metal and electronics in your bedroom as well, as too much electromagnetic influence in a bedroom is not good Feng Shui.

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