Dear Kartar: My current house (East facing) has a sewer pipe running at the backyard (cannot be removed) and another sewer pipe running along the right side (when looking out of the house) of the house. The latter (side sewer pipe) is about 3m from the side boundary wall.

My architect has proposed sealing off the current sewer pipe so that I can build an extended 3-story structure (bedrooms) over the sealed off pipe and divert the sewer pipe to 1m from the side boundary wall. The new pipe will still run along the side (white tiger?) of the house right through to the main road. The old sewer pipe will be sealed off but will run under the new house structure.

I was concerned about sewer pipe running under the house albeit a defunct one. Someone suggested as a Feng Shui cure, to line this old defunct sewer pipe with $10 worth of coins, and this would address any negativity associated with the sewer pipe. Does this make sense? I’d appreciate your guidance.

Answer: You asked some very specific questions about existing pipe line running under your house, near your house and the prospect of moving pipe to run alongside the house, underground, by a certain distance.  You are concerned because you have heard that this could be a feng shui problem.

This is an example of how some original Form School observations have been adapted to a modern context.  In this case, there is a Feng Shui notion that having water, like an underground stream running under a house, could undermine the health of the occupants, or worse, cause some kind of disaster.

One thing that is debatable, is whether the ancient texts were referring to literal water or if they were referring to virtual water in the form of ley lines.  Sometimes these might even be referred to as dragon veins.

In the case of modern plumbing, the pipes are not carrying water on a constant basis, but they also mimic a void underground, which is similar to a crack in the ground.  It’s my understanding that these situations are not ideal, but I don’t have voluminous evidence or feedback from clients to claim that the underground pipes will cause definitive problems.  I doubt that placing metal coins around a pipe (or a red string) will solve the problem.

I think that if you simply avoid sleeping directly under one of these pipes, then you will be safe. Even modern day EMF specialists will recommend that you not sleep directly under pipes since the metal can be a conductor for electricity.

Sealing off the pipes should be fine in your case.  But this is another example of how a compass reading could be unknowingly thrown off, if a person did not know they were standing above a pipe.