Dear Kartar: My living room shares a wall with an elevator. This wall is in the southeast side of the apartment. According to me and my boyfriends KUA Number, southeast is the area of love. Any suggestions?

Answer: Your question about the elevator, the direction, and your KUA puts several different Feng Shui concepts or concerns all together, which need to be separated and I will do that for you and other readers.

First and foremost: Sharing a wall with an elevator can be a noise problem.  When something disturbs the five senses, it matters less what direction we are alluding to. This is very mundane and there are no mystical cures for it.  If you live in a building with people using the elevator a lot, you will be disturbed by it.  The ideal is to not live close to such a large mechanical item.  If there is some way to sound proof your unit, that is the answer to that dilemma. Additional, your apartment might shake a little when the elevator is in operation. No cure for that.  Avoid that next time you move to another apartment.  Feng Shui does not have cures for everything and consumers need to know that.  Some things are just best avoided.

Next, you note that the location of the elevator is in the southeast.  This is not inherently better or worse than any other direction.  It is also imperative to take a precise compass reading.  I can’t tell you how many times people get the direction wrong because they have estimated, guessed, or do not know how to use a compass properly.  One needs to know more about the space in order to determine if this is good or bad for the individual unit.

You have mentioned that based on your KUA (determined by birth year) that the Southeast is a “love” area for you both.  This appears to be some confusion about the KUA or personal trigram system.  Each person, based on the year of birth, has 4 directions which are mostly harmonious and 4 directions that can be more on the negative side.  But none of them are described as a “love” direction.  You may be confusing this with the popular Black Hat New Age school of Feng Shui which deems the back right hand corner of every space as a “love” or “marriage” corner.  That is a fake school of Feng Shui which I have written about in my book, Feng Shui for Skeptics.

Going back to the Ba Zhai School of Feng Shui, (also suspected to be a fake Feng Shui school based on who created it and for what reasons), each person has 4 good directions for them personally.  The top best one is considered a major wealth direction.  When a person sleeps with their head in that direction or dwells in that part of their house a lot, they can garner the good luck of that space.  Likewise with the other 3 good directions, unique to each person. 

The second best direction is considered a minor wealth direction and one which can allow a person to be successful with the help of others (as opposed to doing it all alone).  The third best direction is one which can attract family harmony and good public image.  The fourth best direction is one which can help a person be calm and have restful sleep.  So….to that extent, none of the KUA directions relate specifically to “love.”  The 4 directions which are supposedly bad for a person can indicate a higher change of arguments, accidents, other mishaps, theft and misfortune.

Without doing a proper and personalized analysis of your apartment, it is hard to say how much you are being influenced by the elevator, except for the noise factor which would bother anyone, regardless of the direction or the occupants’ birth data.  I do help people world-wide, if you want more advice regarding your home and ways to make it more optimally suited for you both.