Dear Kartar: Regarding Kua numbers would the same apply for a business? Does the owner’s Kua is needed to determine the layout of the business do the same rules apply for a business of the building? Can you please explain it ? Thank you so much.

Answer: You asked if the personal kua (trigram system) applies in a commercial context and it absolutely does.  But there are certainly differences between commercial and residential properties.

For example, you might want to set up a business where the owner can have a private office or an entrance in an area that suits his or her best personal directions.  You may even want to choose a building that sits in a good direction for the owner.  However, doing Feng Shui evaluations for commercial properties takes professional training, as it does for residential because you have to treat each space uniquely and look for the non-obvious.

As well, if a business is owned by a person who does not work on the premises, then it is more important to place sales staff, other important employees and even inventory in key areas to help the business be successful.

When all is said and done, the Flying Star School is more accurate and relevant to the good or bad feng shui of a space.  The Eight Mansion School and the personal kua take a back seat to other Feng Shui Schools.