Dear Kartar Diamond: Our home is two males, a couple. Am looking at foo dog, standing on 4 feet tail up over back. Will this be good standing for our homelife in guarding our happiness?

Answer: You asked if having Foo Dog statues will invite good Feng Shui into your home.  When it comes to any statuary or Chinese folk remedies, we have to consider a few things:

While the foo (Fu) dogs are not high level Feng Shui remedies, they can still provide comfort on the level of placebo and for some people that is enough.

Art work is subjective, as are religious items and imagery.  People often think that the popular Chinese folk remedies (foo dogs, fish, flowers, Buddha images, Ba’gua mirrors, etc) are actual Feng Shui techniques, when they are really more about myth and superstitions.

There is a time and place for everything and I also am fascinated with talismans and other symbolism from various cultures.  As Sting once sang, “we are spirits, living in a material world.”

On a whole other level, we can accept that stone statues of any kind can work as the earth element, when needed for Feng Shui purposes. Outside, they can also work as virtual mountains.  But one needs training or the help of a professional to know when it is appropriate to use the earth element or the application of a “virtual mountain.”