Dear Uncle Dixer: How to enhance my job opportunities, success, health and love through feng shui?

Answer: There is a popular Feng Shui saying, “Love your environment and your environment (Feng Shui) will love you back and give you the support you need”.

So, look after your home. Keep it tidy and clean. Throw out things you don’t need. Fix things straight away when maintenance is required. At least once a year, have a good and thorough Spring cleaning.

If you feel you are in love with your house then you will have the enhancement you need. If you don’t feel that way, then you should get a Feng Shui expert to check it out and give you some suggestions on how to fall in love with you house again.

When your house has meanings to you, then it has the power to bring you luck. When the meanings are gone, then the power will disappear as well. It’s just like human relationship and it is not that difficult to show your love for your house and turn it into a home.