Dear Uncle Dixer: I want to place an antique Japanese door with a mirrored front in my bedroom. The back of it is beautiful maple burl and the ornately carved front is cherry. The inside is pine.

I want to have it leaning against the wall behind the door as you enter the room. I cannot see any reflection in it from my bed, but my boyfriend, who is an army vet with PTSD, could possibly see it, although it doesn’t face the bed directly. He says it would be fine so long as we cover it when not in use. Thoughts? Advice? I think this is a tricky piece, being that it is also a door. Also, his rack of martial arts practice weapons is hanging on the wall and may be reflected in it.

Answer: In my opinion, such an unusual piece of work should not be placed in your bedroom. A better place for it would be in a more active area like the living or the dining room. Work of art like this Japanese door often stir our feelings and emotions, which is why I would keep it out of the bedroom.