Dear Feng Shui Expert: When standing at the bathroom entrance, should I face mirror over bathroom sink or face toilet? Which one should I choose? Bathroom is small. How do I mitigate the bad Feng shui of either? 

Answer by Kartar: You actually can’t go wrong with either, although most people would find a mirror over a sink to be more practical.

Bathrooms are one of the best locations for mirrors, compared to bedrooms.  Some people assume that a bathroom, by definition, has bad feng shui and that mitigations are necessary, which is hardly the case.

If a toilet is aligned directly with the bathroom’s door, some people worry this is a bad arrangement, but it also depends on where the bathroom is located within the house, such as off a hallway or aligned with a front door.  In many floor plans, the bathroom opens to a hallway and not a front door, so toilet alignment is a moot point.

Mirrors will reflect their view (good or bad) and they have the power to push energy (qi), so  their placement in a house can influence how the occupants feel. The only bad place for a large mirror is in a bedroom, as they can disturb a light sleeper.  You can place a mirror over a bathroom sink without concern.