The bathroom is an interesting location to think about when it comes to feng shui. On the one hand, it’s a place in the home that’s associated with waste, germs, dirt, and unpleasant odors. On the other, many people relax and are at ease being vulnerable in their bathroom. Either way, it’s understandable for an owner to worry about bathroom feng shui and to think about which practices can mitigate bad feng shui in the bathroom.

The situation gets a little more complex when you bring mirrors into the equation, as mirrors are also important objects in feng shui practice. Mirrors can either reflect or multiply the energies around them. So when it comes to the proper placement of a mirror in the bathroom, what’s the best practice? Here, our feng shui expert Kartar Diamond weighs in.

On the Placement of a Bathroom Mirror

A reader posed the following question:

Dear Feng Shui Expert: When standing at the bathroom entrance, should I face my mirror over the bathroom sink or should it face the toilet? Which one should I choose? My bathroom is small. How do I mitigate the bad Feng shui of either? 

Below is Kartar’s reply:

You actually can’t go wrong with either, although most people would find a mirror over a sink to be more practical.

Bathrooms are one of the best locations for mirrors, compared to bedrooms.  Some people assume that a bathroom, by definition, has bad feng shui and that mitigations are necessary, which is hardly the case.

If a toilet is aligned directly with the bathroom’s door, some people worry this is a bad arrangement, but it also depends on where the bathroom is located within the house, such as off a hallway or aligned with a front door.  In many floor plans, the bathroom opens to a hallway and not a front door, so toilet alignment is a moot point.

Mirrors will reflect their view (good or bad) and they have the power to push energy (qi), so  their placement in a house can influence how the occupants feel. The only bad place for a large mirror is in a bedroom, as they can disturb a light sleeper.  You can place a mirror over a bathroom sink without concern.

Additional Comments

Based on Kartar’s input, the reader actually shouldn’t worry too much about the placement of a mirror in their bathroom. The feng shui is more dependent on the bathroom’s actual location within the house as opposed to the layout of objects inside the bathroom. In this case, Kartar suggests that either is fine, but that putting a mirror over the sink might be the more practical arrangement because the home’s inhabitants may need to look at the mirror while they wash their face or brush their teeth.

Considering the power that mirrors are believed to have in feng shui, the reader might need to worry more about placing a large mirror in the bedroom. Other than that, it’s up to the homeowner to place their mirror where they find it most convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

What are the most helpful tips you’ve received when it comes to bathroom feng shui? Share your thoughts with us below!