(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: I moved to a new, rented house where the bathroom/toilet is in the southeast corner of the bedroom. Is it ok? If not, what remedies can we apply? Thanks!    

Answer: If it worries, you can remedy the situation by making sure that the bathroom and toilet are well ventilated. Also, you can have plenty of indoor plants there, which will strengthen this direction (SE) because it is associated with Wood.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: My bathroom is in Southeast corner of bedroom, and wealth is an issue. What can I do?    

Answer: Southeast (Xun) is correlated to Wood. If you can keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and hygienic, then you can have clean Water to nourish the Wood which would help with your wealth concern. You can also put a pot plant in the Southeast or the East side of the bathroom since Wood represents growth and bearing of fruit. Good luck.