Being able to design your own home allows you full control over where the different rooms are placed, but sometimes you might not have the option to do so. Maybe you’ve purchased a prebuilt house or apartment, or you’re renting a space that has less than ideal feng shui placements. This can be especially concerning when your bathroom is located in the southeast corner.

The bagua map indicates that the southeast point is the wealth area of the home, so to have a bathroom in this area can cause a draining effect on finances. Before you start packing up and going on another house-hunt, renowned feng shui expert Uncle Dixer proposes these fixes to create a better balance of energy without needing a major home renovation.

(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: I moved to a new rental home where the bathroom/toilet is in the southeast corner of the bedroom. Is it ok? If not, what remedies can we apply? Thanks!   

Answer: You can remedy the situation by making sure that the bathroom and toilet are well-ventilated. Good air circulation prevents water from accumulating in this corner and wards off negative energy. It also helps to keep this area dry, mold-free, and also fresh-smelling. Make sure you have an air freshener in your bathroom to prevent bad odors from building up and seeping into your bedroom.

Also, if you have enough space, consider placing plenty of indoor plants in there. The presence of natural greenery will strengthen the southeast direction of your home because plants are associated with the Wood element and balance the Water energy. Even a small potted plant can be helpful in converting the energy into positive, life-giving qi.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: My bathroom is in the southeast corner of the bedroom, and wealth is an issue. What can I do to restore balance and improve my finances?   

Answer: The Southeast corner (Xun) is correlated to the Wood element. This means that you ideally have a lot Wood energy in this area. However, the presence of a bathroom causes it to have an excess of Water instead and flushes prosperity from your life. Fortunately, you can restore balance by making a few changes in the bathroom area.

If you can keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and hygienic, then you can have clean Water to nourish the Wood, which would help with your wealth concern. Make sure to clean and remove trash regularly so that dirt does not build up. If there is no window in the bathroom, install a ventilation fan to remove bad odors and excess moisture. Keep the toilet lid shut when not in use, and always close the bathroom door.

You can also put a potted plant in the southeast or the east side of the bathroom since Wood represents growth and bearing of fruit. Placing air-purifying plants is especially recommended as they can improve the air quality.

Apart from making these changes in your bathroom, consider consulting with a feng shui expert to assess your home for other elements that may be affecting your wealth.