Dear Uncle Dixer: I am still a little bit confused about which way my bed should be positioned in my room. I read the article on bed placement rules of conflict but I just still am unsure.

We had the head of our bed under a window with a good headboard and heavy draperies (and we had a good view of the door). I know being under the window isn’t good, but our only other option is to put the head of the bed sharing the same wall with the bathroom. The toilet is on the other side of the wall so the bed head mostly shares a wall with the shower. This is not in the command position either (it shares the same wall as the door entry), but it is the only solid wall in the whole room.

My Kua number is 5 as well (I’m not sure if that helps at all). I just don’t know if being under a window is better or having a solid wall and not being in the command position. Thoughts? Thank you!

Answer: You do have a difficult room to locate the bed according to Feng Shui rules. Why don’t you try both options that you mentioned: one under the window like you have it now and the other against the only solid wall you have in the room. See which one you can sleep better and feel more comfortable.

Under your restricted situation, it is better to use trial and error to find a solution than to try to comply with a set of pre-determined theoretical rules.