(1) Dear Kartar: Please give me remedies for missing northwest and west in the apartment. Thank you! Me and daughter are KUA 8.

Answer: You have concerns about missing both west and northwest sectors of your home.  Firstly, this is an unusual situation if that is the case. When we grid out the floor plan, there is usually not more than one missing sector.  If you find that there is more than one missing, perhaps you have not found the real energetic or geometric center point and you could shrink your gridding down a bit.  I am not saying that you don’t have two missing sectors; I am only speculating that perhaps the gridding might need to be adjusted in some cases.

For those who use the Nine Palace Grid method, there are guidelines for knowing when there is a missing area and when you should shrink your luo shu grid—sometimes then resulting in having an extension instead of a missing area.

Now: when it comes to having any missing directional zone, some people worry because each direction is related to a family member.  If the West is missing, the youngest daughter might be weakened.  If the Northwest is missing, the father may be undermined.  This is probably what prompted your question.  It should also be known that when we use the flying star method, we might discover a missing sector which would have hosted untimely (potentially negative) stars. So in this case, perhaps it is not all bad to have a missing sector.  I just use these questions as a platform to also answer other  Feng Shui predicaments as well.

Ultimately, the best way to enclose a missing sector is to literally structurally add it back.  This is often not possible, not affordable or not desired.  If the missing area lands in a backyard area, perhaps a covered patio could help “enclose” or re-capture the missing area.  But it is not as good as having a real structural enclosure.

Some people try to do various mystical or placebo-laden rituals with mirrors and strings and what-not, but actual use of the space, like creating an outside garden or patio seating area like living space is probably more effective. This process is used as a case study example in my book, The Feng Shui Continuum,  (page 188) when outside space can be considered part of the gridding.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: My bedroom has a missing Northwest area. I am in part basement flat and bedroom wall has underground void behind where Northwest area should be. As this is a bad area in 2017, should I leave it alone?

Answer: Your Northwest is not missing. The space is still there, it is just you are not using it.

If you worry about the Northwest direction in 2017, then please keep this area clean and tidy. Don’t have too much noisy activities and put a metallic object or a sculpture there that you would consider auspicious. This will help weaken the influence of the Earth Element out of time in that direction during the year.