Dear Uncle Dixer: I live in South Africa. Single women (well, divorced since age 25 – now 55) looking for long term relationship/marriage. My bedroom has three doors. A door to the bathroom, a door that leads out onto the patio and a door that leads down a passage to the rest of the house. My bed is not in line with patio door or the passage door but the bathroom door is placed to the left of my bed.

I do try and keep the door closed. Additionally, the room does not have closets and I have rails stacked with clothing in my bedroom. I don’t want to buy closets as I would need about 5 of them and if I moved (I rent this property), I would have no use for them. In South Africa most homes have built in closets but this one doesn’t. What should I be doing with my clothes? Also, I can’t afford a headboard just yet.

Answer: If you can store some of your cloths in another part of the house, fold away the ones you don’t need for the time being and only have one rail to store your clothing for immediate needs in your bedroom, then you would have better Feng Shui.

As long as you have a solid wall behind your bed, and you can see the door to the rest of the house, you are in good shape. As for long term relationship/marriage, you will need a professional Feng Shui consultant to help you.