Do you often have trouble getting enough rest at night? If so, this may be because of where your bed is located. According to feng shui principles, the exact placement of your bed can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

A common example of bad feng shui is placing a bed right under a window and, by extension, sleeping with your head positioned right under that window. This is because negative Qi from the outside (in the form of light, smell, or sound) can come in through the window and disrupt your sleep. As a result, you’ll wake up feeling anxious and tired instead of calm and refreshed.

If you live in a particularly busy and noisy city like New York, it can be difficult to address these sorts of feng shui problems given your everyday environment. It may be a good idea to contact feng shui consultants for advice, as they have experience helping NYC residents achieve good feng shui.

That said, you can always try a few DIY solutions to address this issue. The easiest way to fix this would be to move your bed away from the window. If that isn’t possible, you can try the following tips instead:

  • Install thick window curtains to block out any light coming in through the window. If this solution isn’t possible, you can try wearing a thick sleeping eye mask to bed each night.
  • Close your window before you go to sleep to block out any outside noise. You can also try wearing earplugs while you sleep. If closing the window isn’t enough, you may want to consider installing a double-paned glass window for improved noise reduction.
  • Check if your window is sealed tight. Undesirable scents may be entering your room through gaps in your window, waking you up at night. You may also find it difficult to sleep if you feel a breeze blowing directly onto your face.

But what if your bed is positioned under a window and you don’t have the option of installing window curtains to block out any outside light? Uncle Dixer addresses this issue in the Q&A below:

Dear Uncle Dixer: What if my mother cannot understand and insists that my headboard should be placed under a window, even though I am aware it’s bad feng shui for my bedroom? Plus, she will not put curtains on the window to cover it up as a fix for feng shui energy. How can I fix this?

Answer: The easiest solution would be for you to put a solid headboard, like a sheet of plywood, at the head of your bed, behind where your head would be positioned as you sleep. This will block some of the light and wind coming in from the window behind you. The headboard should be high enough to at least cover your head whenever you’re laying down in bed.

As you can see, fixing this common feng shui problem isn’t very difficult if you’re willing to make some adjustments and work with what you have. Indeed, simply installing the right type of headboard can do wonders for the quality of your sleep. While it would still be best to change the placement of your bed so that you won’t sleep with your head under the window, the fixes mentioned above can still significantly improve the quality of the Qi in your bedroom. Try these feng shui tips for yourself, and you will be sure to wake up feeling rejuvenated and energized every morning.