Dear Uncle Dixer: I live in an apartment complex. All entry doors to the unit apartment are metal doors.

In the apartment, there is a very small hallway that have 4 doors at the end of a supposed hallway (closet). Two are to your right-hand side, one is the bathroom (no windows) and the other one is a small closet. To your left hand is the door to the bedroom.

Please help me. There is no flow. The hallway is so dark and doors are all dark brown. It feels bad that so many doors are all together and light is dim.

I have a regular octagonal mirror that’s pretty big. Can I put it on the side wall where the TV and TV stand are? When you enter the apartment the TV is on your right hand side. There is a glass door to the balcony at the end when you enter. I also need Feng Shui very badly for my health. Please help. Thank you!

Answer: You cannot do much in the public hallway because it does not belong to you. But when you enter your own unit, in the hallway with many doors and no view of the outside, you can put a torchiere floor lamp at one of the corner to light up the darkness and have reflected light coming from the ceiling to give a glowing cheerfulness, which can take your attention away from all the doors.

As for your health, take up some Qigong or Taijiquan lessons, the secret to longevity is to eat less and exercise more.