Dear Uncle Dixer: My front door is located on the side of my home, facing East. It opens to a small foyer. Walls on both sides. One mini hallway to left, and one to hallway to the right.

Across from the front door is another wall and the interior garage door entrance. The doors don’t completely line up. They are offset just by half the door. There is also the laundry room (washer/dryer) located directly above my front door/foyer. I desperately need cures for this. I already placed a large mirror on the right-side wall to the door. Thank you.

Answer: With so many doors opening to a small foyer and a laundry room, you will need to stabilize and unify the space of this foyer.

Since a space is made of a floor, four walls, and a ceiling above, you can have an earth-colored tile-floor and a timber ceiling to weaken the Water element on the upper floor. Also, paint the doors and the walls in the same light color, so one is not aware of the doors there and you have a clear reading of the floor, walls and ceiling to give it good Feng Shui.

You don’t need a mirror there because it would only complicate things with reflections. Keep it simple.