The principles of Feng Shui can be applied to residential and commercial spaces. Each property has its unique elements, and the placement of some elements may work well for one and not for another. It’s important to find a Feng Shui expert who can offer you advice that is designed to meet your specific needs.

Today, we’re dealing with 2 Feng Shui questions, one about a commercial space addressed to Kartar Diamond, and another about a residential space addressed to Uncle Dixer. Let’s take a look at what these experts have to say.

Dear Kartar: I have an electric pole in front of my store and gate where my business is, because it’s on the main road. Is it good or bad for my business? I hope you can help me.

You have asked two distinct questions. When it comes to a pole in front of your store, this might be an eyesore, but it may or may not be a big Feng Shui problem. If the pole does not inhibit people from entering your store, then it may not be a big issue. Granted, it is not ideal to have an electricity pole, phone pole, or street light pole aligned directly and closely with your entrance, but it may not be the most important thing for you to be concerned with. This is not something you can correct, and it would be impossible or too costly to ask your city to remove it. This is one of those feng shui flaws you should just avoid.

For a commercial enterprise, you may also be concerned with the energy at the entrance (based on when it was built and the compass alignment). The location of a cash register or money transaction area is also important in terms of garnering more business and success.

Dear Uncle DixerI have an electrical pole right on my front lawn. Looking out my front door, that is what you see, and also a post box. I have a fountain and a Buddha on the left-hand side looking out, with a dragon drinking from the fountain. On the ground level, I have the tiger.

Which bagua mirror do I purchase to get rid of the bad electric vibes? Also, what do I do so my fountain would bring me some wealth luck? Do I move the post box to the right-hand side so I don’t look at that as well as the view from my front door? What is the correct fix for this situation? Your answer would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: Good idea to relocate the post box. You can have a convex Bagua mirror above your front door on the outside to remedy the Sha Qi of the electric pole close by.

The fountain and the Buddha seem fine to me being on the Azure Dragon side. Hope this helps.

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