(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: What is the remedy if a toilet is in the Southwest area? Thank you                  

Answer: The best remedy would be to keep the toilet hygienically clean by polishing the surfaces so they shine like metal. You can also use some sanitary ware that are made of polished metal because the use of metal and shining surfaces can neutralize the conflict between the Water Element associated with the toilet and Earth Element associated with the Southwest.

Overall, keep the toilet clean, tidy, and well-ventilated. Also, keep the toilet door closed. These are the best and cheapest solutions.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: I have a toilet in partial Southwest of house. Is there any solution for this. 

Answer: No remedy is needed if you can keep the toilet clean and well ventilated. Good Form can overcome the bad stars.

(3) Dear Uncle Dixer: We live in a house where the toilet is situated in the Northeast corner of the house. What should I do to enhance this corner?      

Answer: Keep your toilet clean and tidy, hygienic and wash your hands afterward. But if you still worry about it then you can paint the toilet white, the color white is correlated to Metal and Metal can drain the Earth of the Northeast and that would neutralize its desire to control the Water of a toilet. Your worry comes from the Five Elements relationship and you can use the same relationship to remedy your concerns.