Dear Uncle Dixer: Why use Feng Shui items like rooster, Qi Lin (Kirin)? Isn’t Feng Shui about using elements to reduce or increase the energy of an area, like the use of colors? Thank you.    

Answer: These items are used to “jiehua” (transformation to change your luck/attitude, through knowledge and understanding). They are meant to be symbols that are connected to your hopes and desires, like a rooster is to connect you to your need for happiness (something to crow about) every time you see it.

Using the concept of Wuxing or the Five Phase/Element does the same thing but through their relationships instead of a symbolic object. Each of the five Elements can be expressed in color, shape and material and that can help you improve the quality of the environment, and at the same time, your optimism about the future. The idea is to encourage you to make a right decision and to do your best. But you still have to do it (and exercise your Human Luck) before it becomes a reality.