Dear Uncle Dixer: Please help. I’ve got main door in-line with a kitchen door (in 2.7meters) and in 3 meters there’s a kitchen window. As far as I understand, this is really bad and of the same sort as toilet in the center of the house.

Is there any chance to improve the situation, or that would be more of psychological self-help?

Here’s what I have so far. I cannot put a screen on this line as the entrance hall is small. (see picture) There’s a table standing in kitchen in a row with doors and window. I placed a big mirror on the perpendicular wall with the entrance door so energy could flow to the other part of the house. Thank you very much in advance and appreciate your help.

Answer: If you have a table in-line with the door and the window, then it is already helpful to slow down the Qi flow into the kitchen and out of the window. You can further improve the situation by having a circular or a Bagua shaped table with a vase of fresh flower there right in the line of the Qi flow.

A vase of fresh flower or a pot of natural plant can introduce Sheng Qi into the situation to overcome your worries. Also, your idea of a perpendicularly placed mirror is also helpful.