Dear Kartar: My kitchen is in the ground floor. How to counter the bad Feng Shui of having a bedroom above kitchen?

Answer: You asked about a Feng Shui recommendation when a person has a bedroom above a kitchen.  This is one of the more enduring misconceptions about how qi moves and the influence of the elements.

There are a lot of Feng Shui Kitchen Myths and this is one of them, based on a notion that the kitchen represents fire. Further, there is a notion that sleeping above fire can be harmful to the occupant.

Some kitchen myths are based on the very rough nature of kitchen long ago, when animals were killed in the kitchen, like chickens and a fire was kept going after having a visit to the “fire well.”

The modern kitchen is a combination of elements, including earthen counters and metal appliances.  This is my long winded way of saying that you might not have anything to worry about when it comes to having a kitchen below a bedroom.  You should probably be more concerned with modern day Feng Shui Hazards, like sleeping too close to the EMFS and RFs emanating from your cell phone or your computer router.

Dear Uncle Dixer: If my master bedroom is upstairs, and the kitchen is on the floor right under the master bedroom, is it good Feng Shui or is there a problem?

Answer: From a Feng Shui perspective, you have a Fire element under your bedroom. The way to remedy this is to have something that is associated with Earth to weaken the Fire. That can be something like a brown carpet on the floor of your bedroom or a brown rag under your bed. You can also sleep with Earth colored materials, like a brown or yellow pillow and bed sheet.