Feng Shui Cure for Long Narrow Entrance Inside House


Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it bad to have a rectangular table at the front of the front door when you enter? Also, what if you have a long narrow entrance once you enter the house?

In the first scenario, how can we improve the Chi (Qi)? The house and people need a lot of help in their lives to move forward. God bless you.

Answer: There are different ways to free up the Qi flow in a long and narrow entrance other than having a rectangular table in front of the door, which would block the Qi further.

How about hanging up a full-height mirror about 3 feet wide on a side that suit the swing of the door as you enter the house? It can make the entrance space feel wider. Also, what about having a translucent glassed front door instead of a solid front door to let more light in?

These are just a couple of quick ideas. I am sure if you think about it a bit more, you will come to more ideas. When the house feels more welcoming, it is easier for the occupants to move forward. Good luck.


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