There is no shortage of Feng Shui practices and guidelines that can help homeowners design a space that meets their needs and offers a pleasant environment for the rest of their family and the guests that come over. In the past, Uncle Dixer has dealt with numerous questions about the specific placement of furniture and other elements that can affect the Feng Shui of the home. Here’s another question that focuses on the placement of a rectangular table near the front door of the house. Uncle Dixer’s response can be used by people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it bad to have a rectangular table at the front of the front door when you enter? Also, what if you have a long narrow entrance once you enter the house?

In the first scenario, how can we improve the Chi (Qi)? The house and people need a lot of help in their lives to move forward. God bless you.

Answer: There are different ways to free up the Qi flow in a long and narrow entrance other than having a rectangular table in front of the door, which would block the Qi further.

How about hanging up a full-height mirror about 3 feet wide on a side that suits the swing of the door as you enter the house? It can make the entrance space feel wider. Also, what about having a translucent glassed front door instead of a solid front door to let more light in?

These are just a couple of quick ideas. I am sure if you think about it a bit more, you will come to more ideas. When the house feels more welcoming, it is easier for the occupants to move forward. Good luck.

Additional Comments

A rectangular table that’s placed in front of the house’s main entrance may not be the best way to welcome people into the home. If the main door opens to a narrow hallway, then the addition of a table to this area can make the space appear smaller. It can also prevent people from coming in and out of the home without bumping into the furniture. To improve the atmosphere of this narrow hallway, Uncle Dixer recommends placing a mirror to make it appear more spacious and less constricting. The addition of a glass panel door or a translucent one can also help improve the perception of the space and make it appear more spacious than it really is.

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