Privacy can be a concern if you live in a residential building. Because the space in the hallways can be limited and the housing units are placed side by side, the neighborhood has to work together to ensure that everyone can relax in their homes. This means following the regulations that the neighborhood has agreed to in order to control the noise and address practical concerns like utility issues. There might be units in the structure that are more private than others and are less likely to be subjected to neighborhood noises, but there are also units that can be more visible than others. This can be a concern for people who want to keep their neighbors out of their business and vice versa.

Uncle Dixer has received a question from someone who lives in a residential structure and has a door that is visible to a common area for the rest of the floor. Here’s the advice he gave the person on how to improve Feng Shui while protecting their privacy.

Dear Uncle Dixer: Our main door and gate are not exactly in front of the lift elevator. It resides on the right side. But when we open the main door, we are able to see the lift. Please tell me the solution for it. Thanks!

Answer: You can put a nice potted plant on the right-hand side of your main door as you look out, so you can block the view of the lift. It will also provide more privacy for you from the other occupants entering and leaving the lift.

Additional Comments

The addition of a tall potted plant to block the view from the shared space is a great idea, as it not only protects privacy but also beautifies the exterior of the home. Space is often at a premium for people who are living in high-rise buildings, and this leaves many people with no space to tend a garden if they want. The addition of greenery outside one’s door not only blocks the view from the lift, it also adds texture to the hallway and allows people to indulge in natural views even if they spend most of their time in their homes or in the middle of an urban space.

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