Dear Uncle Dixer: I’d like to know the best cures for stairs that lead straight out the front door. I know it’s not good.

The front door is facing West and the stairs run along the north wall. Distance between the first stair step to the front door is about 2.5meters. The front door is a double door. Thank you!

Answer: It is not as bad a situation as you think it is. 2.5 meters is a reasonable distance not to have the good Qi from the front door going up stairs. Meaning, the good Qi can still enter the living areas of the house downstairs.

I would suggest that you put is nice big glass-framed painting with an auspicious theme on the north wall between the staircase and the front door. This works like a semi-mirror. Also, shine a spot light on it if there is no other light source, so the first thing that people notice as they walk into the house is not the staircase but the lovely painting you put up. The partial reflection of the glass will channel the good Qi into the living areas, which will give you good Feng Shui.