(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: What is the best Feng Shui direction for my bed’s headset?  

Answer: Compass-wise and generally speaking, it is best to align your bed with the north-south axis to take advantage of the subtle influence of the geomagnetic field of the earth. But often the form of the room would not allow this to happen. So Form-wise, it is best if you can see the door and the window at the same time while lying in bed, with your bed headset against a solid wall.

You can also go for a tailor-made solution and have your bed headset located according to your year of birth, but again ONLY if the form of the room can support this selection.

Always consider Form Feng Shui before Compass Feng Shui. Take possession of the room by locating the bed so you can have security (against a solid wall and be able to see who is coming and going) and vision (able to see the outside) at the same time. This way your bed is located in a Ying/Yang balanced position of a room.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: Should My Bed Point Towards North or South? The head of my bed is against the wall of the walk-in closet and is pointing North. There is really no other place I could put my bed except turn it around to the outside wall. Then, it would be facing South. What would be the best thing to do?  

Answer: The best thing to do is to ask yourself which direction you would feel more comfortable and more emotionally appealing rather than intellectually. Both directions, either facing south or facing north, are good in the sense that they both line up with the magnetic field of the earth going north-south.

(3) Dear Uncle Dixer: What direction should my bed face?  

Answer: You bed should be placed against a solid wall. When you lie in bed, you should be able to see the window and the door so you have vision and security at the same time. This would make you feel relaxed and to sleep well.

(4) Dear Uncle Dixer: My headboard is on the North wall and my feet point to the South. Is this good or bad?  

Answer: When you sleep with your head to the North and your feet to the South, you are aligned with the earth’s magnetic field. Some think this is good and animals apparently sleep orientated the same way. But some think it is not so good because the polarity of the two are the same (head and north both being positive).

(5) Dear Uncle Dixer: How to position my son’s bed? He has a walk-in wardrobe with a window in the far right of the room. The bed is currently opposite the window and shares the same wall as the door.  

Answer: If that is the only place to put his bed with a solid wall behind, then you can put a low bedside dresser next to his bed between the door and the bed to give him some protection. The low bedside dresser will also help lessen the disturbance as people come into his bedroom.

(6) Dear Uncle Dixer: My bed is under the window and I don’t have any other option to move my bed from this side. One side is almirah and another side is door. What can I do?   

Answer: Put a tall bedhead behind your bed so when you sit up to read in bed it is high enough not to be bothered by the window. It will block the harmful Qi of having cold breeze passing through your body while you are sleeping and it also stops the morning light from waking you up too early.

(7) Dear Uncle Dixer: What is the best bed placement for my bed? Headboard at wall East, West or North? My south wall are all closets. Thank you!   

Answer: The best location for the bed would be against a solid wall. When you are in bed, you can see both the window and the door at the same time. This allows you to be in control of the space and has security and a view of the outside to feel comfortable. The compass direction is a secondary importance compared to the Form Feng Shui.