Dear Uncle Dixer: For my garden, do I view my entrance from the back door of my home or the entrance from outside?

Answer: The main entrance to your house is the “host” and the back door to your garden at the back of the house is the “guest”. One is the “main” and the other is the “”secondary”.

So too is the house and the garden. The house is the “host” and the garden is the “guest”, so always consider the door to the house first before you consider the door to the garden.

Because you are living in the house, the looking out from the house is the “main” and looking into the house from the outside is the “secondary”. So think about how the garden would look like from the house first before you think about how the house look like from the garden.

But in the end all these Yin and Yang considerations have to come together, so the “host’ and the “guest”, the main and the secondary, can work together as a whole in synergy to serve you.