(1) Dear Uncle Dixer: We just moved to a rental home and it has a swingout French door with screens (look very similar to this picture). We cannot replace the tiled French door nor change the direction of the door. This is not our main entrance door. But since it faces the living room, is there a concern from a Feng Shui stand point? What types of art work (or even mirror?) can we hang up on the wall directly facing the French door?

I found a picture that has a wall facing the French door for your reference (see the last picture on 02/14/14–05:40: Leather Sofa Styling & New House Family Room Progress). One of our piece of U-shaped sofa is leaning against the wall facing the front door. Thank you in advance for your advice, Uncle Dixer. 

Answer: In Feng Shui it is believed that a round shape or a Bagua shape can turn around the negative Qi. So in your case, you can use a circular or an eight-sided coffee table as a Jiehua cure.

You can put a crystal or a special piece of precious stone on the coffee table as an extra measure. In addition, a painting or a mirror in a circular or Bagua shape hanging on the wall facing the doors will amply do the trick to relieve your concern.

(2) Dear Uncle Dixer: I just read this article on French doors facing the living room. I wasn’t aware that this is a bad thing. Should you not have a wall of windows and a sliding door from your living room to the outside? I’m confused. 

Answer: There is nothing wrong with a French door or a sliding door into the living room. Just try to avoid sitting directly in front of the opening or with your back to it. If you cannot avoid this, then you can use a coffee table to slow down the Qi flow. You can also use some potted plants to do the same as well.

Here is a good example from Interior Barn Doors taken off Pinterest.