Dear Uncle Dixer: My husband is born in the year of the Snake and I the Rooster. The entrance is west facing on the proposed home. But the bedroom has a South facing door to backyard. Would that be auspicious?

Answer: The auspicious direction for a person born in the year of the Snake is towards the Southeast, and for a Rooster it is towards the West. So the entrance door facing West favors you more than your husband.

But since a Rooster is in a triple harmony with a Snake, the entrance door direction is also good for him, and that would be considered auspicious for both of you. In this case there is no need to worry about the bedroom door facing direction. It is of lesser importance. Hope this helps.


Dear Uncle Dixer: I am a Kua 3 and live in an East facing house for the last 7 months (rented). Ever since I moved here I have had plantar fasciitis and continuing to have pain. Can I do some changes in the house to improve my condition?

Answer: Turn your West facing room into an exercise space covered with a soft exercise mat. Each morning after you get out of bed, exercise in there for 20 minutes before you have breakfast. Do some stretching exercises as recommended by your doctor, such as toe stretch, calf stretch and plantar fascia stretch, until your pain goes away. West is a better direction for you than the East.


Dear Uncle Dixer: Hello! My house entrance from the street is East through the driveway, but my entrance to inside my house is South. What are the effects of this direction? I was born in the year of the rat and my husband pig. Thank you so much.

Answer: The house entrance is more supportive for you than your husband. It is also not harmful for both of you, so you can relax.

If you still worry about it, then you can make your front entrance more welcoming with colors and materials like some thriving pot plants and happy pictures of the family.