The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has and continues to cause quite a concern for many people. This is especially true for families who have young children, senior members, or those who are dealing with health conditions that make them more vulnerable to the adverse effects of getting the infection.

To reduce the chances of bringing the coronavirus inside their homes, many people have gotten into the habit of practicing safety measures whenever they leave their houses and once they return from work or doing grocery shopping, for example. At the same time, there are also those who augment their safety and hygiene regimen with practices that can help them attract good energy and maintain a clear mind and cheerful environment while they’re staying at home with the rest of the family for extended periods.

People who believe in and practice Feng Shui also use the system to this end. Uncle Dixer has received inquiries from those who want to keep their homes as safe as possible using Feng Shui. Here’s what he has to say about the matter.

Dear Uncle Dixer: With the coronavirus being so serious in the world, how can we use Feng Shui for good health in our homes? I’m also following the CDC guidelines as well.        

Answer: Following the CDC guidelines is a must. This year (2020), the problem areas related to health are in the South and East. Thus, in these areas of the house, please be extra careful in keeping the place clean and tidy. Use a disinfectant if you can, especially if your front door, your kitchen, and your main bedroom are in these two directions.

Also, give your house a thorough spring clean. Throw away or store away all the things you don’t need. Cook at home instead of eating out or buying take-outs.

Additional Comments

Uncle Dixer makes it clear that the health guidelines published by the experts who are studying this new disease and its effects on people and society as a whole should be strictly followed. Implements such as disinfectants and good hygiene habits can help people stay healthy and prevent the virus from spreading inside their homes.

Also, there are safety recommendations that are aligned with the Feng Shui for keeping the problem areas related to health in tip-top condition. As Uncle Dixer mentioned, the South and East play a role in the matter, and the areas in your home that correspond to these relevant directions should be kept clean and tidy as much as possible. Uncle Dixer mentions the front door, kitchen, and main bedroom as particular areas that need frequent attention and cleaning up.

While the pandemic is certainly worrying, the additional stress that it brings can also have a detrimental effect on one’s physical and mental health. While worrying comes naturally to people who are concerned for the health of their loved ones, it should be kept in check so as not to cause additional