One aspect of feng shui relies on the proper placement of objects inside a room to ensure the proper flow of energy around the space. This flow can help influence other aspects in your life, such as good health, financial well-being, or harmonious relationships with others. A particular type of decoration that many people ask about in relation to their placement are wall paintings or framed pictures.

Various feng shui experts have many recommendations regarding their placement—whether its about their location in the room, the subject of the image, or the type of element that it represents. However, the decision behind its placement can be for more practical reasons as well. Uncle Dixer tells things as it is in an inquiry from one his readers:

Dear Uncle Dixer: Is it bad luck if you hang a picture above your bed?

Answer: Only if the picture falls on your head. Otherwise, it is fine to hang a picture above your bed.

Additional Comments

The practicality of this answer lines up with many of the recommendations regarding picture or painting placement inside a room. For one thing, the subject depicted in the picture needs to be something that you like so that it can evoke positive emotions from you whenever you see it. The positivity of an image can carry a lot of energy inside a room, so choosing the right one is essential in feng shui.

Some feng shui experts also recommend avoiding images that represent the water element since this can disrupt the energies around a given space. This is especially true for pictures that depict bodies of moving water like rivers, streams, or waterfalls.

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