Dear Uncle Dixer: My question is I’m looking for a land to build. It’s on a small lane with houses on either side (east and west facing) and there is a lot at the end of the lane that is North facing. It has a roundabout in the front. Is it okay to buy the lot? Also the shape of the lot is not rectangular.

Answer: Every plot of land has its advantage and disadvantage, especially if it is located in an urban setting.

The idea in Feng Shui is to hasten its luck (that is to take advantage of what is advantageous) and avoid its harmfulness, or turn what is disadvantageous into something useful. For example, being in a cul-de-sac is a dead end, but at the same time it has privacy and quietness.

Make sure when you design your house, there is enough room for the cars to maneuver and enough protection for traffic coming towards your house. That way, the car has to turn around when it’s coming directly to your house.

You said the land is North facing, which means you can have a very sunny backyard. You can open your house to the back and protect it from the front and so forth. Buy the land only if you like it and if it has the infrastructure to support you. Make sure you get a good architect who can respond to the context of the site, or find a suitable project home to put on the land. Then, you will have good Feng Shui.